Bloodline Tattoo Company
Dragon and Lotus (side)Owl and Clock (upper arm)Buddah and tree (upper arm)Tiger (lower leg)Walleye (upper arm)lion (upper leg)Magnolias (upper arm)Parrot (lower leg)Buddah (upper arm)Smoking dog (forearm)Phoenix (upper leg)Beta (forearm)Rooster (chest)Fudo (upper arm/chest)Ganesha (lower leg)Whale Attack (upper arm)Zombies and Aliens (lower leg)Morgan (upper arm)Night Owl (lower leg)Samurai helmet (forearm)Tiger (chest)Phoenix (lower leg)Sugar Skull (forearm)Lotus (shoulder)Orange Octopus (lower leg)"Kozmo" (forearm)Green Skull (upper arm)Phoenix (upper arm)Coat of arms (upper arm)Cardinal (right side back)Day of the Dead (lower leg)Coheed Skull (upper arm)Graffiti (forearm)Tibetan Skull (chest)Buddah (upper arm)Razorback (lower arm)Blue Bells (lower leg)Cherry Blossom Branch (upper arm/shoulder)Yoda (lower leg)Flowers and Water (upper arm)Heart and Banner (back of arm)56 Chev (inside bicep)Peony and Bees (shoulder)Pirate Skull (Neck)Rotti (upper arm)Pink Floyd (upper arm)Monarchs (shoulder blade)The Lizard King (upper arm)Killer Robot (lower leg)Red Koi (upper arm)Zombie Sailor Pinup (upper arm)Superman (upper arm)Giant Squid (lower arm)Dead Mariachi (ribs)Dead Seniorita (back)Rusty (outer thigh)Red Mask (chest)Raven (lower arm)Alex Grey "Net of Being" (lower arm)"Mom" (shoulder blade)Lily & Stars (ribs)Hourglass (upper arm)Light Through Heart (lower leg)Neil Young Harmonica (forearm)Harley (lower leg)Happy Mask (hand)Guardian Angel (forearm)Vines & Flowers (foot&ankle)Evil Circus Clown (neck)Angry Beaver (upper arm)
Baby Elephant (lower leg)